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Who will make the top four

Who will make the top four The most exciting Premier League season for years.  A battle for the top, a battle against relegation.  Perhaps, though, the most exciting aspect of the league, for neutrals certainly, is the fight for fourth. Who will win this is pure guess work, of course.  Six teams,

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Those amazing Christmas traditions!

Those amazing Christmas traditions! As Christmas quickly approaches, lots of us are looking forward to spending some quality time with our loved ones and embracing some of those special seasonal traditions. From the silly to the serious and the downright ridiculous, there's something about repeating certain things that makes Christmas feel familiar,

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New British Crime Fiction Book 2020

New British Crime Fiction Book 2020 Calfspool Copse - A new crime mystery from Alan Peters - Going live on Amazon 23rd August British author Alan Peters is launching a brand new crime fiction book for 2020 titled 'Calfspool Copse'. Alan Peters has a number of popular books published in both paperback and kindle

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Comprehension Can Be Fun

Comprehension can be fun Comprehension Can Be Fun This exercise proves that we can enjoy comprehension.  The essential reading skill does not have to be dull to learn, made up of boring question and answer sentences.  The exercise below is called a ‘Cloze comprehension.’  It requires the reader to find missing words

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A Ghostwriter – Every Budding Author’s Must Have Accessory

A Ghostwriter – Every Budding Author’s Must Have Accessory Ever read a book by James Patterson?  He’s good – he must be, since he’s worth close to a billion dollars.  What about Tom Clancy?  Or Wilbur Smith? How about celebrity autobiographies?  Enjoyed the life story of some superstar football manager?  Or soap

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