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AJ Rutherford’s Russian World Cup

In Russia (Aiden’s World) – By Alan Peters

Every football fan loves to read the experts’ views in the Sunday papers.  The thoughts of current and recent stars, ex-managers and even referees.

Well, big surprise, not every piece of that kind of journalism is written by the football star players.  No, many are produced by the likes of Aiden J Rutherford.  The likes of Mbappe and Ronaldo might get the plaudits on the pitch, but they would be nothing without the coaching staff behind the scenes. Aiden J Rutherford is like that, although with a laptop in front of him, rather than a football.

Because Aiden is a ghost writer.  That doesn’t mean he produces brilliant books about ghouls and spirits, although he would, if the money was right.  No, he is the man behind those controversial and interesting columns in the press.

And Aiden is the best.  He knows he is. He buries his articles like a Harry Kane penalty.  He’s just one step away from the big break, whatever that might be.  So when the chance to write a daily blog for the Russia 2018 World Cup came to him, he grasped it with both hands, like Jordan Pickford catching a cross.

Aiden J Rutherford’s Russian World Cup, in Russia is what resulted.  A daily blog by a man in the know.  One with exclusive access to just about every squad at the World Cup itself, through his extensive network of confidential contacts.

Through Aiden’s Russian World Cup blog, learn the truth about the Spanish catastrophe when they lost their manager on the eve of the tournament.  Find out why Russia did so well.  Learn the reasons behind Germany’s unexpected collapse and share and remember the exploits of the successful England Football team, who surpassed expectation by reaching the World Cup semi-finals.

And Aiden is not just a great writer; he combines that with excellent knowledge of the game.  He is truly the professional pundit.  A former player, just a whisker away from making it big; a potentially great referee if his career had not led him into journalism; even today a great coach, somebody who can advise Gareth Southgate to get the best out of his England footballers.

But that glorious month last summer also marked a change in Aiden’s life.  It was not all six goals against Paraguay or victorious penalty shoot outs against Columbia.

Aiden J Rutherford’s Russian World Cup in Russia was written as the 2018 World Cup happened.  It is truly a daily blog of that most amazing of competitions.  We can see as Aiden, the Alan Partridge of punditry, predicts each game, and explains away the shocks and surprises (of which, compared to his estimates, there are plenty).

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for a football loving man or woman or girl or boy in your life; one who enjoys a comic novel that is fun to read; or a way of remembering (with a smile) the 2018 World Cup in Russia then this really is the book for you.


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Alan Peters


“This is a really funny book and also touching in places. It brought back memories of the summer and was really enjoyable to read.”


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