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Isles of Scilly travel guide book – St.Mary’s, Tresco, St. Martin’s, St. Agnes, Bryher

Updated: 15th June 2023

The Isles of Scilly travel guide book – Still the most amazing islands in Britain – By Alan Peters

The Isles of Scilly. The astonishing archipelago twenty-eight miles off the coast of Cornwall. England’s tropical paradise. There are hundreds of islands here, from rocks barely peeking above the Atlantic swell all the way to St Mary’s, the biggest and most populated of the isles. Although, even then, we are not talking huge. Nothing like the size of the Isle of Wight, or Guernsey or even the Isle of Man. Five of the islands are inhabited. Along with St Mary’s, where most visitors stay, these are Tresco with its beautiful and famous Abbey Gardens, St Martin’s with its stunning golden beaches, St Agnes with the much loved Turk’s Head pub and sand bar linking to the sometime joined Gugh and finally wild, windswept Bryher, where long, sheltered sandy beaches on one side give way to ominous rocks rising from the waves on the other. It is Bryher that is home to the fearsome Hell Bay, and from where so many shipwrecks have been caused over years gone by.

Isles of Scilly travel guide book

St Martin’s

This is Alan Peters’ second book about the islands. It is travel guide, personal travelogue and story book all in one. Alan describes the islands and their history, he offers personal views on getting there, along with an interesting diversion on the way. He looks at the islands from the perspective of families and couples or single folk wanting to explore this most beautiful and still widely unknown corner of the southwest, where the gulf stream offers a protective shelter of warm, sunny days. He offers views of things to do, of places to eat and uninhabited islands to visit. He explains about ways of getting around, and even includes some of his own short stories, one set largely on the islands themselves, for entertainment on the beach. Mostly, though, he captures the essence of being a visitor to Scilly. It does not matter if you are a first timer, about to discover that glorious Cornwall has a tiny corner that is even more wonderful, and far, far quieter, than the main resorts of that sumptuous county. Or, like Alan and his family, an experienced Scilly lover, one who has returned over and over again to the islands. Whatever your personal relationship with the Isles of Scilly this book will offer you something new. At times tongue in cheek, always honest and frequently overwhelmed by the nature of the islands and their people, The Isles of Scilly – Still the most amazing islands in Britain will entertain, inform and inspire you to come to the islands, whether for the first time, or once again.



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Bryher museum

Bryher museum


Kindle (£5), Paperback (£10), Hardcover (£40)


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Alan Peters

freelance writer in buckinghamshire

“A nice overview for a first time visitor. First time to the Scilly isles and I found this a good and light hearted first read. I would recommend.”


“As easy to read as Scilly is to spend time in. A great reminder of our times spent in Scilly. It’s exactly as we found it too. Very well captured and written.”


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