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More Visitors at Christmas: Another Quintet of Festive Ghost Stories

more visitors at christmas - ghost stories

More Gripping Christmas Ghost Stories from Alan Peters

Christmas traditions. Crackers and sprouts; trees and carols, gifts and…ghosts. Ghost stories at Christmas are a fondly held custom, dating back centuries. Who does not enjoy reading or watching Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – Scrooge is embedded in our culture. Alan Peters’ second book of Christmas Ghost stories keeps the tradition alive and thriving. These are gentle tales, ghostly, spooky and atmospherically spine tingling. Suitable for all the family, spirits abound in these short stories. Some less welcome than others

Synopses for the new Christmas Ghost Stories

A pair of friends each face the prospect of a lonely Christmas, and decide to pool their resources, and head for the snow bound heartlands of central Devon. On the edge of the moors, they suddenly find themselves a part of ancient rituals. Is the nightmare real? Or just a disturbed fantasy?

An elderly woman looks forward, for the first time ever, to a quiet Christmas, home alone with her reflections and wishes for this festive period. Warm films and warmer memories. But an unexpected visitor sends her plans spinning into the unknown.

A family are caught in heavy fog on Christmas Eve, and decide to spend the night in a beautiful country inn. The other guests are not as they would wish.

Based around a true story, an old station house is demolished to make for a new railway line, decades after the old one closed down. The residents are not happy…and their spirit is not one with which it is wise to mess.

A man finds his Christmas moving backwards in time, with unexpected consequences.

New Christmas Ghost Story Paperback and Kindle E-book

Ghosts, spirits, unexpected and unwanted guests litter Alan’s stories like tinsel fallen from the tree. Each is a bauble of delight, an echo back to the Victorian apex of the short Christmas Ghost story. Just as with his top selling first collection of Christmas Ghost stories, ‘Visitors at Christmas’, these stories will entertain and excite whether read aloud in a darkened room, lights reflecting on windows, or enjoyed by ourselves, glass of wine in hand, and a winter wind knock, knock, knocking on the doorframes. Set up your own Christmas spirit with all the traditional joys of the festive season. Carols playing gently in the background, tree flickering with fairy lights, fire burning and darkness circling outside. And, of course, a collection of the finest new ghostly tales in your hand.

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You can buy this festive Christmas ghost story paperback book online for just £5.00. Alternatively you can buy the kindle e-book for just £2.99, which means that the five spooky stories will cost you less than 60p each! The first book of Christmas ghost stories from Alan Peters is also available to buy on Amazon if you haven’t read it yet. The original book has received some excellent reviews, read more on the book page here.


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