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Puddles, The Posh School Musical

A drama education playscript – By Alan Peters

The only musical in the collection.  Each song fits to a common tune so the level of musical accompaniment is flexible – or (as we did for the Edinburgh Fringe) a score can be written or improvised.

Jed and his chums attend Puddles, the best Prep School in England (or so its literature claims).  But Puddles is in trouble.  Money is disappearing fast and the school trophy cabinet gets thinner by the day.  Could the nasty new Deputy, Mr Fletcher, be responsible?  And what about the odious Waxy Maude, Chairwoman of the Governors.  Think Jennings meets Harry Potter meets Agatha Christie.

Running time 1 hour or more.

Directors of school plays often have a problem.  We are looking for playscripts for secondary schools, or plays for primary schools, that meet a number of criteria.

We need to manage a large cast.  We need flexibility for rehearsal and performance.  The opportunity to change lines or add and remove characters without fall foul of licensing laws.  We need to be pitched right for the age of the students, without patronising them, or introducing themes to them which are inappropriate.

Plays for schools need to be cheap to put on.  Every school or youth group drama director knows that budgets are always tight.

Alan Peters is a former teacher and director who understands all this.  That is why he has published a number of his own plays, all performed with great success in schools, and many taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where they earned five star reviews.

Each of the plays are inexpensive to licence and offer total flexibility with regards to editing, characters and staging.  Changes can be made as the Director wishes.  Each play lasts between forty five minutes and an hour, making them suitable for both classroom drama and the annual school play.  Many come already paired for those looking to direct a full length school play.

Each offers at least eight characters, with flexibility for doubling or adding extra characters as the director wishes.  Simply buy the scripts, pay the simple licence fee (no complicated forms) and off we go.


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Alan Peters

freelance writer in buckinghamshire

“Saw this at the Edinburgh Fringe. Really funny and great for schools or drama groups. There’s a bit of bite, as well, behind the humour.”


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