Ghostwriter and Ghostwriting Services in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas

AB Peters Ghostwriter services are available to businesses and individuals all around the globe. As well as AB Peters ghostwriter services, AB Peters also specialises in writing, content creation for websites, blogging, journalism, creative writing, article writing, advertising copywriting, business writing, report writing, marketing writing and also undertakes other types of freelance writing and freelance ghostwriting. More details about our Ghostwriting Services in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas are included below.

About AB Peters Ghostwriting Services

Our writing services are provided by Alan Peters, a freelance writer with a vast amount of experience in a wide range of writing disciplines. Alan has ghostwritten a huge number of books and also has 8 books published under his own name, available to purchase on Amazon. Alan is pleased to offer writing services including ghostwriting, short story writing, poetry writing, speech writing and other freelance writing services. If you need a freelancer for personal or business writing services in the Buckinghamshire or surrounding counties of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire then we can help. We can also work remotely for clients based anywhere in the UK or even worldwide. Please read more about our Ghostwriting rates below and get in touch about our writing services via the contact form, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Alan has worked closely with a number of publishers, including The Self Publishing Partnership, Legends Publishing, Hodder, RFP and Amazon KDP

Ghostwriting Rates

Small Books, articles and blogs (up to 12000 words)

£70 per 1000 words.

Price includes:

  • Online research
  • Original writing
  • Grammar and spelling proofs
  • Up to two revisions if required

(Research trips within a 100 miles radius of Milton Keynes are charged at £200 per day including travel plus, if required, entrance fees.  Longer trips will be priced on an individual basis.)

Payment is on the following basis, unless otherwise agreed:

  1. 1/3 of fee up front when contract is agreed. 
  2. Remainder when work is completed.

Longer Works (over 12000 words)

We discuss your requirements and AB Peters provides a quote based on an estimation of the time it will take to complete your project.

Daily charges are £200* 

Fees include:

  • Research, online and necessary visits within a 100 mile radius of Milton Keynes
  • Original writing
  • Grammar and spelling proofs
  • Redrafts and revisions

What is Not Included:

  • Any graphics required
  • Covers
  • Any aspect of marketing for the work
  • Photographs
  • Formatting for publication

Work is provided on a Microsoft word document, unless otherwise agreed.

Payment is on the following basis, unless otherwise agreed.

  • 20% in advance.
  • 20% on completion of contract
  • Remaining 60% to be split and paid monthly as equal milestones through the life of the contract.  Regular updates on progress will be provided.

*Each book is different, but here is a guide as to how this might work.

Example costs based on 60K word book

60k word book requiring three research visits, two interview visits and moderate, desk bound research.

Writing time at 3000 words per day, approx. four days per week (including desk research, redrafts etc) = 20 days. 

5 full research and interview days

Total work = 25 days @ £200 per day = £5000

Total time from signing contract to completion = two months plus any revision time.


  1. On signing contract – £1000
  2. End of month one – £1500
  3. End of month two – £1500
  4. On completion of work in line with contract – £1000

Let’s Work Together


If you need some advice about an upcoming writing project and would like to speak to us about our services, then please get in touch by clicking the button below, we would love to hear from you.